Saturday, 27 December 2014

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Edit, customize or remove Windows 8 CP Watermark | AMANAHAD Tech

Users of Windows 8 Consumer Preview must have noticed the Watermark on their Windows 8 CP Desktop. While it wont matter to most, some may not like to have it display on their desktops. Here’s a small tool using which we can edit or completely remove that watermark.
My WCP Watermark Editor  is a small tool using which one can edit or remove this Watermark. The site is in French, so when you visit the site, just click on “+ Télécharger “ button. Once you have downloaded it , just run it with administrative rights – no installation is required.
Using its interface, you can change the Edition, Build, Start mode information and Restriction Note. As you can see I have changed some of them. If you want to remove the Watermark completely, just check “Remove all watermark’ and  click on ‘Apply new settings’. Once it finishes, it’ll ask you to reboot. 

Please note that even after you reboot, you won’t see any change. You have to change your wallpaper to reflect the change.
So from the desktop, right-click >Personalize to change the wallpaper.  Once you change or reset the wallpaper it will display the new Watermark or No Watermark, if you had opted for Removing all.
You can restore to default Watermark by running the tool and clicking on ‘Restore default setting’ . Here also remember to reset the wallpaper after the reboot to show the change.
The makers of this WCP Watermark Editor, are providing many other interesting tools for customizing Windows 8 CP, such as Start button, Start screen customizer, CharmBar customizer and so on.
My small suggestion though, you can try out these tools just for fun such as adding Start Button to Windows 8 CP etc, but I would suggest that its better to use the Windows 8 operating system as is being provided, that is without the Start button. As you start using it, you will see that it is more productive using the Start Screen, than using the Start menu, etc.
And before trying all these tweaks, its always a good idea to create a system restore point so that if anything goes wrong one can restore.


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