Thursday, 4 September 2014

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Samsung Reveals Prototype Wireless Game Controller For Android |AMANAHAD|

Bluetooth gaming controllers for smartphones and tablets are pretty common, but always seem to lack support from developers. However, Samsung is hoping all of that will change, as they recently revealed a new mobile gaming controller of their own, alongside the new Galaxy S 4 smartphone.
The device is still in the prototype stage, missing an official name, and bears a striking resemblance to another well-known gaming controller. It sports four colored action buttons, two offset analog joysticks, two shoulder buttons and a row of five more buttons along the top. An adjustable clamp holds varying device sizes in place atop the controller. In place of the more common rechargeable battery, Samsung's prototype game controller has space for two triple-A style batteries for power.
While showing off the device at the recent Galaxy S 4 unveiling, Samsung also revealed an accompanying arcade app that seems to provide easier access to compatible games. No price point has been established, but the wireless controller is expected to launch sometime this summer