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How to Delete Facebook Chat History AMANAHAD


When seeking to clear Facebook Chat history, you must make a distinction between one of two actions: removing the immediate history from an instant message window temporarily, or permanently deleting the log of your conversations between you and another person on Facebook. In this illustrated tutorial, you will learn how to do both.
Clearing Facebook Chat History from the IM Window
The first action we will cover is how to clear your chat window of old chat history. Some people would like to do this for the purpose of starting a new chat without the distraction of old text hovering above, while others seek to hide the information from potentially prying eyes. Here's how to clear the Facebook Chat history from the IM window:
1.        Start a Facebook Chat IM with another user.
2.        Locate the cogwheel icon in the upper right corner of the IM window.
3.        Choose "Clear Window" from the drop-down menu.
Your chat window should now be free of any previous messages sent. While this is a temporary solution to keeping your past conversations from appearing on screen, this does not permanently delete the records.

While we learned how to temporarily delete Facebook Chat history from an IM window in part one, this section of our illustrated tutorial focuses on permanently removing your chat history in three steps.
To begin, locate your Messages inbox by clicking the word balloon icon located in the upper left hand side of the screen. Then, use the Messages search function to locate the chat contact whose messages you wish to delete. Then follow these steps:
1.        Open the chat record you wish to delete or modify.
2.        Locate the "Actions" button in the upper right corner of the Messages inbox.
3.        Select "Delete Messages..." to continue.
Please note, this function will only allow you to delete the chat history records of a single Facebook Chat user and you. If you have multiple records you must delete between you and other users, you must repeat these steps until all the records have been removed.

Next, Facebook Chat users have the option of modifying chat history by removing individual records or deleting the entire chat history permanently. To delete all the records, click the blue "Delete All" button, located in the yellow rectangle above the chat transcript, to continue.
To remove individual records, click the checkbox next to each line of the chat history, as illustrated in the screenshot above, and click the blue "Delete Selected" button to continue.
If you wish to cancel this action without deleting any records, click the silver "Cancel" button.

Next, a pop-up window will appear prompting you to delete the Facebook Chat records you have selected. Be forewarned, once you have enabled the deletion of these files, you can not reverse the action. If you are sure you can delete these records, click the blue "Delete Messages" button as illustrated in the screenshot above.
If you have additional chat history to delete, simply repeat the steps as documented, starting in step two.