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Top 5 New Photo Editing Apps For Your Android

Graphic designing and photo editing applications are widely used to enhance the look and feel of photos and to make changes like deleting or changing background, increasing brightness, cropping pictures or any other changes. Due to all these photo editing apps, now a day’s most of the people having a semi-professional camera take pictures or may be taking pictures with their Smartphone camera. Such photo editing tools have minimized various expenditures involved in photography by large. If you have Android, you may simply download the desired photo editing app from Google Play Store.
Each photo editing app is explained blow to give you a clear idea about various features and packages:

Color Palette Applications

1. Image Color Picker

 apps for photo editing Top 5 New Photo Editing Apps For Your Android
With your Android, now detect and identify the true color(s) that appeals you. The identification about your favorite color may simplify its usage in apps. Simple touch for the desired color, you will get full details from its built-in library. The information may consist of its full name, range, and color number etc

2) Magic Color Picker

photo editing app Top 5 New Photo Editing Apps For Your Android
Magic Color Picker is an enhanced color selection tool and is very useful for designers, artists and programmers for selecting their target colors from color models. The app supports 7 different color modes including RGB, HSV, HSL and YUV. Palette and sliders are available for quick adjustment. Colors are coded in both decimal and HEX.

3) Superdry Color Picker Demo

photo edit android Top 5 New Photo Editing Apps For Your Android
Rich color library is a must for graphic designers as they use colors from available library. Superdry Color Picker is such color picker library for Android and contains a huge color vocabulary.

4) Color Pal

android app for photo Top 5 New Photo Editing Apps For Your Android
Color palettes are essential while dealing with different graphics. Whether you’re a professional designer or occasional user and are just looking to paint your son’s room, you all need a complete color palette for different coloring schemes. The app contains HEX, RGB and CMYK color values for reference and quick use.

5) Color Palette – Iromihon

android apps Top 5 New Photo Editing Apps For Your Android
While working on a design project, often it is required to have a flashlight. Iromihon is a color tool used to adjust and to see picture on full screen.  In addition, the app works as color light (flashlight). It comes in three color modes namely RGB, HSB(HSV) and HSL(HLS) with two categories as Web Color Names and User Colors.
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