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The Advantages of Rooting An Android Phone by AmanAhad

Android has become the most used mobile operating system today and accounts for two-thirds of all smartphones sold in the world. It is an open-source platform and has been made by Google, the highly reputed search engine company. The success of Android can be judged from the fact that in just a few short years of being launched, it has displaced the mighty iPhone to become the most popular operating system for smartphones.  In this post we will be talking about what is rooting and advantages of rooting an Android phone.
The advantages of rooting an android phone

What is Rooting

Being an open-sourced software, Android offers incredible features to developers and they can access most system files of the OS. However, to prevent the misuse of the OS, Google has set certain limitations on Android. Rooting is the process of gaining complete access to the lowest levels of the Android file system.

How to Root My Android Phone

Android is available in multiple versions, or flavors, and rooting is different for each version. Google also allows phone manufacturers to customize their Android phones. You can easily find a rooting tool that has been created specifically for your phone model. Development community for Android is highly active and simple software solutions are made available within weeks of an Android phone being launched. The xda-developers forum in particular is very active and has dedicated groups for most of the popular Android devices. You can easily find the rooting tool for your Android phone and the step by step instructions to use it on these groups.

The Advantages of Rooting an Android Phone

Rooting gives applications complete access to the Android operating system. With these special privileges, developers are able to create applications that can offer many functions which are not possible on a device without root. Features like complete advertisement blocking for ad-supported applications, complete ROM and data backup of device and using core hardware features are made possible when you root your Android phone. Misuse of this access is also possible and there are special applications that control who is allowed this access and you can set access control. The biggest advantage of rooting is that you can install custom ROMs on your device.

What is a Custom ROM

A custom ROM for Android is a ROM that a third party developer has created. These ROMs are highly optimized, remove all the bloat-ware that comes with the device and add a lot of features. Custom ROMs are also the only way many older Android devices can get newer versions of Android which are not officially available for them. The Cyanogen mod is a great example of a custom Android ROM and is the most popular Android ROM in use today. It is available for almost a hundred Android devices and offers every popular flavor of Android.

Rooting – For a Better Phone

Part of the reason behind the success of Android phones is the amount of freedom the OS gives to developers. All kinds of apps are available for these devices and there is practically no limit on the customization you can do with these devices. Rooting allows you to use all of these applications and truly benefit from all the amazing platforms that the Android development community has created.
We are sure this small post would have given basic understanding of rooting and the advantages of rooting an Android phone. by AmanAhad