Monday, 23 December 2013

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Samsung Galaxy S5 to ditch AMOLED screen for LCD?

According to sources cited by Korean sites, the Galaxy S5 could be the first-ever handset in the line to feature an LCD panel. Samsung’s shift is purportedly to make cost savings.
Samsung Galaxy S5 mock-up
The move, news of which was brought to us in the West by the Galaxy-fixated folk over at Sam Mobile and G for Games, could free up funding for extra features, with LCD screens cutting Samsung's outlay by as much as 20%.
The cheaper screen tech could clear the way for the metal shell that many industry-watchers have been lobbying Samsung to include in a Galaxy S smartphone for some time.
Although by no means badly received overall, the Galaxy S4's plastic build came in for heavy criticism and was widely unfavourably compared with the HTC One’s handsome aluminium unibody construction.
An LCD screen could also help deflect carping in recent years that AMOLED screens don’t offer the same, true-to-life colour reproduction as rival technologies.
Other mooted features for the Galaxy S5 included a Touch ID-style biometric technology, albeit using a retina-scanner, and a 20-megapixel camera.
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