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RUN WINDOWS on Android (With QEMU & Bochs) by AmanAhad


Early Introduction
Once done try Linux Ubuntu, this time I want to try the Windows Operating System on my Android tablet, IMO SingLe Z5-Core Processor Allwinner A10 A10/BOXCHIP with max speed. 1.2 GHz ARM Cortex A8, ARMv7. WHY NOT ......???

I'll try to experiment Operating System Windows 95 and Windows XP, although not dual boot but it's better to use a PC emulator for Android called QEMU and Bochs.

I. Windows 95

A. Introduction.

First I would try to run Windows 95 on Z5 IMO, why I initially tried the previous version of Windows before this?

Sure was predictable, because he wanted to test if Win 95 is running well on my Android tablet or not?

B. Ingredients

Prepare application and the following materials:

1. QEMU Emulator (libSDL)

2. Windows 95 image file.

Description: Both materials can be downloaded at 4shared with following link: www.4shared.com/rar/qt5mh6is/qemu95eng.html

C. Steps.

1. Once the download is complete, the file will contain SDLapp.apk qemu95eng.rar and sdcard folder

2. Install SDLapp.apk in Android

3. Ektrasikan SDL folder and its contents to / sdcard /

4. Run libSDL and will next appear booting "Starting Windows 95 Please Wait"

5. Please wait, and Windows 95 already available on Android

6. Run the cursor to swipe the screen, and more optimal with the keyboard in Leather Case.

(But alas, the screen is not Stretch (full) with the screen on my Z5 IMO)

To watch a video overview of the following

www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&;v=O6xbah7hvrU #!

II. Windows XP

A. Introduction.

Its the same thing with Windows 95, Windows XP which I have given is also run by the emulator and not make a dual boot.

B. Materials.

1. Install in Android Emulator Bochs which can be downloaded at XDA Developers.

Link: forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1389700

(Download the Attachment (Bochs, and SDL.zip)

2. Install in PC Bochs and Qemu for the PC version.

a. Bochs: bochs.sourceforge.net/getcurrent.html

b. Qemu: wiki.qemu.org/Download

c. Virtual Box (optional if Qemu difficult to use): www.virtualbox.org/

3. Prepare the image of Windows XP (ISO files).

C. Steps.

1. Put Bochs on Android.

2. Prepare a Windows XP installation CD image file form. Iso then setting the Virtual Hard Disk Virtual Box or Qemu on your PC.

With the following provisions:

a. Open Qemu or Virtual Box

b. Select "New Virtual Machine"

c. Create a blank virtual hard drive named "c.img"

d. Configure the CD-ROM to the Windows XP iso image directly to a CD or no CD that is.

e. Give to Virtual RAM 256 MB

f. Run Virtual Machine.

g. Install Windows as usual to fill the vitual disk "c.img".

h. After reaching the desktop shutdown the Virtual Machine page.

i. Find and Prepare (to be copied) file "c.img"

3. Create a Folder SDL in / sdcard /

4. Salinkan extraction of SDL.zip to / sdcard / SDL /

5. Salinkan also c.img file to / sdcard / SDL / c.img

6. Open bochsrc.txt file and replace its content with this reply:

megs: 256

cpu: count = 1, ips = 6000000, reset_on_triple_fault = 1, ignore_bad_msrs = 1

# Filename of ROM images

romimage: file = BIOS-bochs-latest

vgaromimage: file = VGABIOS-lgpl-latest

vga: extension = cirrus, update_freq = 25

pci: enabled = 1, chipset = i440fx, slot1 = cirrus

ata0: enabled = 1, ioaddr1 = 0x1f0, ioaddr2 = 0x3f0, irq = 14

ata1: enabled = 1, ioaddr1 = 0x170, ioaddr2 = 0x370, irq = 15

ata0-master: type = disk, path = "c.img

# Ata0-slave: type = disk, path = "d.img"

# Ata1-master: type = disk, mode = vvfat, path = / sdcard / HDD, journal = vvfat.redolog # type = cdrom, path = "CD.ISO", status = inserted

boot: c

config_interface: textconfig

# Display_library: x

# Other choices: win32 sdl wx carbon AmigaOS beos macintosh nogui RFB term SVGA log: bochsout.txt

SB16: enabled = 1

mouse: enabled = 1

SB16: wavemode = 1, dmatimer = 500000

clock: sync = none, time0 = 1

More information: bochs.sourceforge.net/doc/docbook/user/bochsrc.html

7. Bochs run on Android (but Boot will run approximately 30 minutes) LOL XD

8. Windows XP ready to be enjoyed.


It turns out that my Windows XP SP2 running on my Android tablet they will not be optimal SingLe-Core Processor with 512MB RAM, a result Opening windows jd bgtu Lama. Not SPTI on Linux Ubuntu or Windows 95 that runs will Smooth.Kemungkinan Smooth for Android with dual-core processor 1 GB RAM.

With additions and adaptations of me for adjustments.