Wednesday, 13 November 2013

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Password Protect a USB Hard Drive

Hi I'm AmanAhad for Today we're going to talk about password protecting your USB hard drive. Why is this important? Well, we all carry around a lot of data these days. And a lot of that is private. I don't want to know that someone can just pick up my hard drive, stick it in their computer and look at my data.

Use Online Software

I recommend that you use an online software that's available for the same purposes. You download it and then you put it on your hard-drive. Software like that is available for example at The name of the software is truecrpyt. You can download it for free.

Create a Strong Password

Now I'm going to walk you through a general step by step for password protecting your data. After installing the true crypt software, it's going to ask you what kind of encryption you want to use. I usually go with the default option, A. Yes. Following that, you're going to decide which name you're giving this drive. I chose Q. You're going to have to decide what size the drive is. With most external drives, I'd just use the size of the drive. There's no reason to partition it.

This is usually the point where it's going to ask you about password numbers and letters that you won't forget. If the password is lost, your data is lost. So don't use something that's going to confuse you too in the long run. Click next.

Encrypted Data Is Available Only to You

Once you start this encryption, it might take a little while. Give it time. We're going to cut ahead to where you see the end of the encryption process and you see that the drive is secure. This means that all the data on this drive is going to be totally encrypted and available only to you with your login and password.

In the future, I think we're all going to be able to count on little thumb scanners or little i-scanners on all of our hard-drives, but until then password protecting is the best you're going to be able to do and I'm glad I was able to help you. For any more information, go to Have a great day.
by AmanAhad