Thursday, 21 November 2013

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How to Hack Into a Computer Without an Account

For whatever reason you need to get access to a computer without an account, here is how.


  1. Turn on the Computer.

  2. Before it shows the Windows Logo, start repeatedly pressing the F8 key.

  3. Use the up/down keys to navigate your way to "Safe Mode with Command Prompt" and press enter. (After this the screen will appear dark and will show a bunch of computer codes. Don't be afraid, this will only go on for a little while. Just make sure no one else comes in when the screen is like that).
    • Then it will go to the account/login screen

  4. Notice there will be a new account called "Administrator".

  5. Click on it and then you"ll go to "Safe mode Command Prompt".

  6. If you know how to change a password using CMD (command prompt), then do it. If not, then type in Net User.

  7. After this, it will show all the accounts on that computer. Pick which one you want to hack.
    • Let's say on that computer the accounts are named Bob, Nate, and Pat. If you pick Bob then simply type in:net user Bob *
    • After this it will tell you to type a new password
    • When you are typing, it will appear as if you aren't typing anything. Don't worry, this is for security reasons. Just make SURE that you spell it correctly.

  8. Confirm the password. After you are finished it will ask you to confirm the new password.
    • After this shutdown the computer and then start it up again.

  9. Find the account that you hacked and enter the new password.

  10. Congrats! you have hacked a windows account! Have fun!
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