Thursday, 21 November 2013

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How to Blend Your Facebook Cover Image with Your Profile Picture

Today I'll (AmanAhad) show you how to Blend your facebook cover as a profile picture. Also it allows you to create your profile picture using part of the background of your cover image.
Here is an example of how I created this for one of my clients, Wayne’s Jerky:
blended facebook cover image
I could have simply made the Wayne’s Jerky profile photo a solid white square with their logo on top; but instead I used their circular logo in order to allow some of the grass from the cover image to show in the background.
The HyperArts blog article I linked to above also includes four additional examples for you to see how other Facebook pages have used this blended look. Make sure to read through their blog article comments at the bottom too, as there are other user-submitted examples that are impressive as well. Here are a few examples:
blended cover image 1

blended cover image 3

blended cover image 2

blended cover image 4

You may wonder why you can’t simply use the template I provided in my last blog article. The reason for this is due to Facebook displaying a smaller size of your profile picture than what you upload. Facebook requires that you upload a profile picture 180×180 pixels (or larger); but your profile picture only displays at a size of 125×125 pixels 160×160 pixels (increased size as of April 26, 2012; with an additional 5 pixel-wide border) on top of your cover image. Conversely, when you upload your cover image at the correct size of 851×315 pixels, it displays correctly at that size. The HyperArts template is setup to allow for this varying size of your profile picture, so that the background peaking through in your profile image is the same resolution/size as your cover image.
Follow their instructions on how to crop and resize your profile picture and cover image using their template. But here are a few things to note:
  1. Make sure your profile image is clear when it’s shrunk to 32×32 pixels, since this is the size your profile image will appear at throughout your Facebook page (for example, next to any status updates you post).
  2. Your cover photo should be uploaded at a size of 851×315 pixels (which is the same size it will be displayed on your Facebook page).
  3. Your profile image should be uploaded at a size of 180×180 pixels (but it will be displayed as 160×160 pixels on your Facebook page).
After you upload your new cover photo and profile image, your timeline will show this as a status update. You may want to “Highlight” that status update (by clicking on the star in the upper right hand corver of the status update) so that it shows up larger in your timeline. For example, here is how it looks in your timeline before you Highlight it (shown at 70% size):
facebook cover status
And here is how it looks after you highlight it (shown at 70% size):
facebook cover status highlight

Do you have a creative cover image and profile picture on your Facebook page? Share the link to your Facebook page in the comments below. I’m working on a new blog post with examples of Facebook page cover images; if yours is creative, unique or effective… I just might include it in the post!