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Create UndeleteAble folder By AmanAhad


Here is an interesting way to make undeletable folder:create undeletable folder
So many times happens that you had a folder which containing a few hundred files and was very much important for you and someone deleted that folder either by mistake or to make you in trouble. If you want to overcome of this type of problem in future , it is possible to protect your important folders by making them undeletable. Through this protection you can really gain the security for your privatefolder. And helps to protect your files from delete.  Here is solution in simple tips, which can help you.
Step 1. First open Command Prompt (cmd) or ( Type in Run option cmd or navigate to All Programs->Accessories-> Command Prompt)
Step 2. In Command Prompt (cmd) change to the directory you want to change. Here for an example I change to E. For changing just type E: and press enter from keyboard.  Here shown below,
 Create New Folder with undeletable folder featurescreate undeletable folder
create undeletable folder
       undeletable folder creation
Step 3. Then type md \lpt1\\ in Command Prompt (cmd)  and press enter from keyboard, now you can see that  the folder will now in your E:
 make undeletable folder
make undeletable folder
Step 4. Now if you try to delete or rename that folder which you created then it will appear error message as shown below, means undeletable folder is create.
 undeletable folder
undeletable folder
HURREY WE MADE IT POSSIBLE….. CREATION OF  undeletable folder.*Now how to delete undeletable folder?undeletable folder*
Step 1. Its so simple to do just go to Command prompt how you did earlier.
Step 2. Then navigate to the directory in which that folder exists.
Step 3. Finally type *rd\lpt1\\* in the command prompt(cmd). And you will see, that folder is permanently deleted from the directory.
Hope you enjoyed the tutorial and create an  Create New Folder with undeletable folder features! Enjoy protecting your files.
Will be back with more tutorials soon