Wednesday, 13 November 2013

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Best Apps for Web Conferencing on an iPad

On the iPad and iPad 2 you can host or attend a meeting from just about anywhere in the world. To help you get away from your office desk, here are the top apps for the iPad that enable web and video conferencing.

1. WebEx for iPad

Webefor iPad screenshotCisco Systems
With two-way video for the iPad 2, this app is an easy-to-use way to web conference from your iPad. Video is integrated seamlessly with audio capabilities, offering users a practical way to web conference from anywhere. If you’re interested in Webex for iPad, you can download the app from the iTunes store for free, although a Webex subscription is required to host a meeting using the app. To get started using the app, all users have to do is open their email and click on the meeting link, or open the app and insert the meeting number. This app includes VoIP directly from the iPad.

2. GoToMeeting for iPad

GoToMeeting for iPad screenshotCitrix Online
For those who enjoy GoToMeeting’s user-friendly interface, this free iPad app is the perfect choice for hosting and attending meetings away from your computer. Once users log into meetings (which only takes a minute to do), they can immediately view the host’s screen and zoom in anywhere without interrupting the presentation by just pinching the screen. VoIP is integrated on the app, so no telephone lines are needed to attend GoToMeeting web conferences on the iPad.

3. Fuze Meeting

FuzeMeeting for iPad screenshotFuzeMeeting
Fuze Meeting has video capabilities for those using the iPad 2, great for video conferencing from anywhere. Users can present just about any content in high resolution. It supports PDFs, movies, images, and many other file types and transmits them to all web conference attendees flawlessly. Video conference hosts can control all aspects of the meeting right from their iPad - it’s possible to start or schedule a meeting, mute and manage presenter rights for all on the meeting. Hosts can also zoom and pan meeting content, so they can easily highlight the parts of their presentation they are speaking about. Hosts can also dial their attendees into the meeting directly from the iPad, which makes starting a meeting quick and easy.

4. Skype for iPad

Skype for iPad screenshotSkype
This is an app that still needs some tuning to work properly with the iPad, but it definitely has potential and that’s why it has made it onto this list. What I like about it is that Skype for iPad lets users speak to each other for free, much like its desktop service. Although it doesn't look like it has been designed with business uses specifically in mind, this app is reliable and very easy to use. The Skype app now also supports video for the iPad 2, which is great for those who prefer more face-to-face contact. Once the app is adapted to the iPad’s screen (currently the app doesn’t occupy the entire screen), it will be one of the best around for free video calls on the iPad.

5. MightyMeeting

MightyMeeting for iPad screenshotMightyMeeting
This is a native iPad app, so it makes the most of what this tablet device has to offer. Like other web conferencing apps, it is free to purchase and does have a free basic version, but to have all of its features, a subscription or day pass needs to be bought. It is very easy to use and has a fantastic user interface. What I like about this app is that it goes beyond web conferencing, as users can upload videos or presentations, connect the iPad to a projector and easily present to a room full of people.