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Luxand Blink! Pro 2.4 Full 2012 Free And Direct download link

Luxand Blink! Pro 2.4 Full 2012

Luxand Blink Pro by AMANAHAD

A useful tool which identifies your face and lets you in instantly at each login.
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Luxand Blink! Pro is a handy and reliable utility which scans your face and based on secure authentication, allows you to logon into the computer.

With Luxand Blink! Pro you will not be afraid anymore that someone else will enter into your computer. You have the possibility to access the 'hidden' mode which allows the application to be completely invisible.

Adaptive Face Identification
Blink! Pro comes equipped with identification techniques that adapt to varying lighting conditions, and can tolerate a wide range of changes in the appearance of a person. Tungsten and fluorescent lighting, makeup and new haircuts, beards and moustaches, glasses and contacts are among the many things that are easily tolerated.

Secure Authentication
Biometric user authentication is considered more secure than old-fashioned logins and passwords. While passwords of reasonably secure length are hard to remember and end up on yellow sticky notes, face-based biometric authentication is nearly infallible. In addition to the added security of biometric login, Blink! Pro offers corporate users the ability to record who logs into Windows and when, regardless of whether password-based or biometric authentication has been used. Each record is accompanied by a webcam snapshot, allowing combating identity theft and identifying compromised Windows accounts. In addition, Blink! Pro offers the ability to continuously monitor whether the registered user or anybody at all is present in front of a PC, locking access if nobody is there for a defined period of time.

Training Mode
Train Blink! Pro to recognize your face under different lighting conditions. Register your face under daylight, artificial lighting, or with and without glasses to optimize the program’s facial recognition abilities. It is not necessary to add a picture of yourself in every environment, as Blink! Pro will learn quickly to recognize you no matter the lighting conditions.

One Account. Several Faces
You can register more than one face to log in under a single account. Create a Windows login for your kids, then register all your kids’ faces to let them share the same account.

The Hidden Mode
The optional “hidden” mode allows Blink! Pro to be completely transparent and unobtrusive. By enabling this mode in the program’s settings, you’ll ensure that no webcam picture appears on the logon screen; however, the actual facial logon system will still be fully operational. In addition, the tray icon near the system clock will not be displayed. To exit the hidden mode, simply press a pre-selected hotkey.

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