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How to password protect files / folders using WinRAR


How to password protect files / folders using WinRAR by AmanAhad

Compression of files using utilities like WinZip and WinRAR is very common technique and has been in use since long. But very few know that you can also password protect your important files using WinRAR to keep them from prying eyes. WinRAR lets you encrypt files / folders with a 128 bit key. To guarantee optimum security, we recommend using passwords with more than 7 characters in length and to combine numbers and letters in the password. Here’s how you do it.

If u wanna lock a file or folder with a password ...u can do so using winrar..

1)Right click on the file for which u want the password to b put.
2)Click on "Add to Archive".
3)Then go to Advanced tab.
4)Click on set password...choose ny passwd.
5)Click ok.
6)A winrar file with ur filename will be created.
7)Next u may delete the original file,as u have now compressed it with a password.
8)Any1 tryin to open the rar file wont be able to,unless he knows the passwd.

Full Step by Step guide

   * 1) Open WinRAR and browse to the folder where your important files are located using the drop-down navigation method shown below and click ‘Add’ button on top. Alternatively, if you have integrated WinRAR in your context menu, you just need to select your files in Windows Explorer, right-click and select ‘Add to archive…’

   * 2) A new window will appear. Click on the ‘Advanced’
tab and then click on ‘Set Password’ button.
   * 3) Enter desired password and for better security, check ‘Encrypt file names’ and click OK. Click OK again.
     If you choose the option "Show password", you'll be able to read the password and it will not be marked with asterisks.
     The option "Encrypt filenames"; will show a password prompt right when the archive is opened, without showing the files it contains.

   * 4) A new password protected and compressed file will be generated. Password protected archives are marked with an asterisk. When you try to open it, it will ask for the password. You can use this quick method for transferring sensitive files over the internet too.

If you forgot RAR Password and you want to decompress the rar files, you can use this rar password recovery solution:

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We will supply some RAR password recovery tools to help you to find or hack the rar password. If you forget the WinRAR / RAR password, these RAR password recovery softwares may be your best resort.

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