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How to Hack wifi Password? | AMANAHAD Tech


Hack wifi Password

Yes backtrack is a very easy way to do it ( I started using it "on my own network" about 5 years ago). Download BT5 R3 Gnome from their website, google "Universal Hack Installer" and download it.

Now with Universal Hack Installer you can install the BT5 operating system onto a USB and boot off of it (to do this when you switch your computer on tap F11 many times and it should ask you what device you want to boot from to which you select your usb (if you used universal hack installer) or a dvd (if you installed the BT5 OS onto a DVD). This is how to get Backtrack working.

Now to hack a Wifi Password you must first know what type of encryption it uses for its passwords there are many different types such as: WEP (easiest to crack/hack, can be done in around 10minutes now adays), WPA and WPA2.

WPA and WPA2 have been very good at keeping hackers out as IN THE PAST the only way was to have a text document with hundreds of thousands of words (called a dictionary attack as you have a text document with heaps of words) and the program inside BT5 called aircrack-ng would test every word against the network until one may or may not finally allow you in, at which time aircrack-ng would say success! and state the passcode.

Luckily for you if your home network is WPA or WPA2 you can now use a program called reaver which can nearly 100% of the time get you a WPA/WPA2 password (it may take from 1second to 48 hours to crack.

Ok now that i've filled you in on the very basics of how to crack wifi passwords, look up tutorials on "WEP cracking in BT5" and "reaver cracking in BT5" these are the two best ways of cracking wifi passcodes. Just remember to only crack your own network (just try it out on your own as cracking other networks passcodes is illegal). A fun little side project you may want to try once you get the hang of it is making a text document and just typing your own password in it and then trying a WPA dictionary attack (if your network encryption is WPA) and it will say success the password is "YOUR PASSWORD".

Good luck it may take a while till you get comfortable with working with backtrack 5 but start with these tutorials below:

WPA/WPA2 Dictionary Attack:…
WPA/WPA2 Reaver Attack:…

Additionally at this link you can get access to the files I made when learning how to use backtrack to hack MY OWN NETWORK, I only permit you to use all the information I have given you so that you may learn more about wireless network by cracking your own network and any illegal use of my information is your own fault:

PS you may want to note down the following as it is vital information to Wifi Passcode Cracking:
-A BSSID or BS is a code that is given to your router and when an aircrack-ng program wants to know what network you want to crack you have to put down the BSSID so it knows which one (its like a code instead of a name such as "My home Wifi".
-A router will be broadcasting on a certain channel and you need to know what channel so you can tell the aircrack-ng program what channel the target router is broadcasting on.

Luckily for you I've written this out because I cannot be stuffed to ever write it out again haha


I've successfully cracked my own home network when its been encrypted by WEP, WPA and WPA2 and done a lot more with Backtrack.
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