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Auto Rename APK Files To Their Original Name With ApkRenamer


Auto Rename APK Files To Their Original Name --AmanAhad

Do you find yourself stuck with a bunch of unrecognizable file-names? Well this latest app might just prove to be a life saver.  Let me show you how.
You might be aware that apart from downloading apps from Google Play Store, Android also facilitates users to side load and install apps directly from internal or external storage of the device. Which can prove to be quite useful at times when you need to install an app without  an active internet connection. But sometimes when you download an APK package, such as those Google Play updates, you often have to deal with unidentifiable names like ‘12jadhfk’ or ‘’ or ‘ com.tupk.1243’ and whatnot. And if the device gets full of such files, it can be quite challenging to find a certain one from the list. This is where this simple app called APKRenamer comes to the rescue. Developed by XDA member Svarion, the app does the magic by letting you automatically rename APK files back to their original name, type or version.
The usage of AppRenamer is pretty straightforward. Upon launch, it starts to search through the user-defined location in the internal or external storage of the device and presents a list of wrongly named apps along with their actual naming scheme. You can then mark the items that you wish to rename and tap ‘Rename files’ – just as simple as that. The app also displays the icons of the APK packages next to their names, which is an intuitive feature that further makes it easier to rename a certain item. You can configure a few customization options related to the rename scheme by heading to the Settings screen of the app. For instance, it gives an option to specify the custom folder that you want to scan for APK files. Enabling ‘Search in subfolders’ does just that while looking for files.
ApkRenamer ApkRenamer-Settings
Similarly, you can also specify the name separator that you want to insert between spaces of the letters. The app lets you select among a dash and an underscore for that. Lastly, there’s a ‘Customize File Name’ option that enables to define the prefix and suffix of the name between application name and version.
ApkRenamer is available at Google Play Store as (ad-supported) free and (U$ 0.62) paid version.
So next time when you want to rename APK files to their original name, you can use ApkRenamer.
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Download ApkRenamer Free
Download ApkRenamer
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